System Furniture Bellis A

System Furniture Bellis A

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System Furniture Bellis AFurniture BELLIS A is a collection of modern furniture for the living room and a room for youth. Living room furniture BELLIS A stand out above all the color and interesting design. His form of quality of materials from which they were performed, not only will decorate your interior, but also it they add a new and interesting word. Additional Information:-self assembly-the shelf-modern design-easy to clean-made from MDF-very functional-possibility to choose the furniture according to your taste and needs-very reasonable price The set includes 7 elements Available Colors:Baltimore/Whitebaltimorewhite Elements of the system:element 08  Element 08 left                                  Element 08 rightdimensions:                                         dimensions:Width: 60 cm                                              Width: 60 cmHeight: 120 cm                                           Height: 120 cmDepth: 32 cm                                              Depth: 32 cm  Element 09                                                   Element 10x2dimensions:                                                  dimensions:Width: 120 cm                                                   Width: 90 cmHeight: 30 cm                                                    Height: 42 cmDepth: 27 cm                                                     Depth: 43 cm     Element 12                                                Element 14dimensions:                                                dimensions:Width: 90 cm                                               Width: 120 cmHeight: 42 cm                                              Height: 46 cmDepth: 43 cm                                               Depth: 19 cm

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