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Ontario billiard and wood dining tableOntario billiard table – the favourite among the inhabitants of modern spaces.The table is characterized by its strictly modern look, thus fitting perfectly in rooms arranged by the advocats of modern style. Its distinctive features are the shape of its frame and long, straight legs, made of high-quality stainless steel. Perfectly designed, the Ontario billiard table will catch the eye of every guest and visitor passing by.Thanks to its slender shape and compact size, the table will suit even less spacious rooms, not dominating the space as other tables might. Nevertheless, as each and any of our billiard tables, the Ontario table remains a professional billiard table, with dimensions permitting a professional billiard game.Within a few seconds the table can also be turned into a lovely dining table, covered with a glass or wooden top. Each person sitting at the table will enjoy an ample amount of room for their legs, which makes for a comfortable time at the table.Ontario billiard tables are made of high-quality stainless steel and oak wood or beechwood.The table can be ordered  in a whole range of available colours. All tables are painted and lacquered, and can also come in oil finish if you opt for natural colour.Our prices not include accessories (balls, cues, triangle).Dimensions:Size          External [cm]                 Playing field [cm]    Minimum room dimensions [cm]dimension man 2 THE CUSTOMER MUST CHOOSE A FABRIC.tex textile thin wood 1 wood

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