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Montreal billiard and glass dining tableAn exceptional  table launching a new era in design of billiard tables. It is distinguished not only by its modern form, but also by the quaint combination of colours. Thanks to its chic look this billiard table will perfectly suit modern apartments, kitchens, sitting rooms and meeting rooms.A particularly distinctive feature of the table is its cubist in style base, supporting the table's frame. In order to produce the most pleasant aesthetic impression, the base and the frame are usually ordered in contrasting colours. The combination of black and white is considered an exceptionally attractive option, but it is possible to choose  colours according to one's wish, so that the table blends well with the surrounding interior.Customers deciding to order an optional bed made of Italian slate will enjoy their quiet and dynamic billiard games even more.Due to the table's splendid look it and its convenient, user-friendly construction, it is often used as dining table. The table can be covered with a glass top, thus transformed effortlessly into a large table which can sit up to twelve people.Montreal billiard table has a solid, durable construction ensuring it will last without signs of aging for a long period of time. As it is manufactured in accordance with the world's billiard associations norms, it makes an excellent choice for professional billiard players.The frame of the table is made of high-quality oak wood or beechwood.There is a whole range of colours available. All tables are painted and lacquered.Our prices not include accessories (balls, cues, triangle).Dimensions:Size          External [cm]                 Playing field [cm]    Minimum room dimensions [cm]dimension man 2 THE CUSTOMER MUST CHOOSE A FABRIC.tex textile thin wood 1 wood

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