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Manhattan billiard and wood dining tableThe  new Manhattan billiard table marks a new path in modern billiard tables design. Thanks to its distinctive look the table suits modern apartments, kitchens, leisure rooms and meeting rooms.The table sports a solid, durable construction ensuring it will last for a long period of time without any signs of aging. Its stable, chrome steel plinth is not only visually attractive, but also impressingly long-lasting. Characteristic leather pockets complete the overall impression.Manhattan billiard table is designed and manufactured in accordance with standards set by international billiard associations, which makes it a perfect choice also for professional billiard players.Transforming the table into a stylish dining table requires only a short moment – after removing the leather pockets and covering the table with a wood table top one can move to welcoming the dinner guests. It will require a good eye for detail to notice that this excellent dining table is in fact a top-class billiard table.Manhattan billiard tables can be ordered  in a whole range of available colours. All tables are painted and lacquered, and can also come in oil finish if you opt for natural colour.The frame of the table is made of high-quality oak wood or beechwood, while the plinth is made of high-durability chrome steel.Our prices not include accessories (balls, cues, triangle).Dimensions:Size          External [cm]                 Playing field [cm]    Minimum room dimensions [cm]dimension man 2 THE CUSTOMER MUST CHOOSE A FABRIC.tex textile thin wood 1 wood

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