DP Furniture Designs

DP Furniture Designs is a family business, and we all know that business run by a team of family members is more resilient and more likely to succeed than any other kind of company. Being a devoted and passionate team, we strive to offer you unprecedented quality and exceptional furniture design from the top manufacturers in Lithuania, Poland and Germany.


Let’s agree – shopping for furniture can be a hassle, especially if you choose to do it online. Some e-shops don’t have decent product information or high-quality pictures, so it’s like buying a cat in the bag. At our online store you can easily check every single corner of the furniture with our professional quality 360-degree product view. Moreover – we guarantee competitive prices, carefully chosen producers and unique product design. To make your shopping experience even more unforgettable, we’ll arrange a free delivery of your furniture to any location within UK and Ireland. For additional cost our delivery professionals will also set it up in your home, and all you have to do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new purchase.


People not only remember the product they bought online. They also remember the customer service they received, and if this experience is poor – terrific products won’t help. This is why we take this area very seriously. We don’t seek to satisfy our customer needs – we seek to exceed them.


We offer our customers only the highest quality which is guaranteed by our trusted manufacturers in Lithuania, Poland and Germany. We believe that every item must meet your exact standards, and there can’t be any compromises here.


If you are looking for household furniture, new office chairs or something to add to your garden or summer house – you came to the right place. We offer a wide variety of furniture even for the most demanding customers. With our exceptional designs and styles we help you create an atmosphere that is both high-quality and very inviting. The flexibility and creativity of our manufacturers when selecting and fitting fabrics and colours translates into genuine and innovative designs. It’s a pleasure to be able to help you transform your private space or office into a feel-good place.

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