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Furniture youth Mobi C made in a modern style with high quality laminated board. Furniture of this system are characterized by a high functionality and aesthetic performance. This furniture is made of laminated chipboard 16 mm thick. Edges are finished with veneer PVC resilient to everyday use.Colours: white lux+ turquoiseDimensions: Wardrobe MO2: 195x80x50cm (H / W / D) Rack MO4: 195x45x40cm Rack MO7: 135x45x40cm Desk MO11: 83x130x55cm Shelf MO14: 40x115x25cm Bedside table MO17: 40x40x35cm Bed MO18: 80x223,5x94cmBed without a mattress. Adapted bed mattress 90x200cm.

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