Bedside Cabinet Riflo 14

Bedside cabinet riflo 14 Domel

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Bedside cabinet Riflo 14The stylish design is the perfect storage solution for your modern home requirements. Add some luxury to your home. This system is an ideal choice for both small and big rooms. The large variety of elements will allow you to create a perfect set for your home. The items in this set are available in Dark Oak Tropez with White riffled handles that will match most colour palettes.
This set is made of a 16mm high quality laminated board. The inside layouts are designed to fit all your necessities. All fixings included. This set helps to maximise and make the most of the available space even in smaller rooms. Saving space on the outside whilst creating more space within. Improved build quality increases the stability.
Dimensions: W40cm x H50cm x D40cm
ColorPink,White,Green,Dark gray,turquoise

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