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Bathroom Furniture Aron Modern bathroom furniture with cherry wood body and white high gloss finish fronts.Features: Fronts made from 17mm MDF in polygloss film Bodies made from 17mm MDF in cherry wood matt finish Self assembly instructions included (build level 2/5) Dimensions:Height/Width/DepthOverall:180/149/30cm - High cabinet: 180/30/30cm - 2 x shelfes behind 2 doors , open compartment, 1 x drawer- Under sink cabinet: 59/65/30cm - 1 x shelf behind 2 doors . 2 x open shelves- Hanging cabinet with mirror : 68/65/20cm - 1 shelf behind the mirror , 4 x open shelves- Small hanging cabinet : 68/42/22cm - 1 x shelf behind 1 door- Standing cabinet : 89/42/22cm - 1 shelf behind one door ,Note!sink not included in the kit.

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