Bathroom Furniture Set Aura

Bathroom Furniture Set Aura

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Bathroom Furniture Set Aura

The Aura of bathroom furniture is a combination of high-quality cabinets with laminated board 16mm thick PCV edges finished resistant to moisture and scratches. The set consists five elements including the sink, available in two colors (black and white) in freely chosen by your combination.Additional information:- High-quality laminated board- Board finished with PVC veneer- For self-assembly- Easy to clean- Sink conglomerates- LED lighting- The metal brackets The set consists five elements (W. / H. / D.):- element 1 (site hung left) 35/160/35 cm- element 2 (site hanging right) 35/160/35 cm- Component 3 (top center cabinet) 80/50/15 cm- element 4 (cupboard on the sink) 80/50/40 cm- element 5 (sink conglomerates) 80/6/40 cm Available colors:- White / white gloss- White / black gloss- Black / white gloss- Black / black gloss 

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