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Clothing cabinet with 2 doors, behind the left door is an shelf and under it is an clothes rail. Behind the right door are 4 shelves. TV table with 2 dumper, in the middle are 2 drowers up are 2 holes. In the middle on the top is an open shelf and an glasscabinet with 2 holes, LED lights inside, opening up. On the right is a cabinet with 2 doors, behind each is 1 shelf, in the middle is an open hole. Right standing cabinet with 3 doors, behind the 2 white doors are each 1 shelf, in the middle is open hole.Set: L:330 H:192 W:53,TV table: L:180 H:39 W:53,TV stand: L:180 H:153 W:35,Right standing cabinet: L:60 H:192 W:35,Wordrobe: L:90 H:192 W:53.

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Diverso Cabinet 13

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