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Furniture System COMINO C is a modern furniture composition, which is ideally suited to the youth room and children room. Furniture System Comino C is a fashionable, practical, simple yet interesting set of bold colors.                          FURNITURE SYSTEM COMINO C                            Furniture Made from high quality laminated boards. Available colors:coimbra/violetcoimbra/green Additional information:7 elements No: 1a, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13x2Width/Height/Depth:elem.1a    85/200/52elem.2      50/200/52elem.3     149/70/208elem.4     94/200/20elem.6     45/58/60elem.8     50/89/43elem.12   125/25/52elem.13   65/35/17 - sleeping area: 200x90 cm

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